So you encountered a Value Tag and found your way to this site. Now what?

For starters, you can browse the Q & A or discussion sections. The best way to learn more about the project is to post your questions/opinions/rants. You can do this anonymously, so relax and say what you feel.


The Value Tags project was initiated as part of a study in consumer culture. The ideas promoted through these tags are not the typical culture-jamming, and anti-consumerism critique.


Value Tags are meant to deeply engage the customer with the product they intend to purchase. This engagement could occur on many levels, the most basic of which is questioning the inherent attributes of the product. By breaking the product down into its key physical characteristics, it can be disconnected from what is referred to as brand value and assessed on a more basic level. What makes the product so cool and desirable in the first place? Secondly, Value Tags question the values that these attributes represent in the owner/wearer of the item.  Do flat seams really help you be more popular? On a more abstract level Value Tags raise issues related to ones own values and the needs that are met through shopping. The definitive goal of Value Tags is to encourage smart purchase decisions.


4 responses

16 11 2009

hi there!

18 11 2009

well hello

31 12 2009

This is stupid.

25 03 2010

not impressed

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